The MIM board consists of 9 elected Board Members, one of whom is from the ICCR Board of Directors. Eligibility for being an elected MIM Board Member is found in the Constitution and Bylaws. The MIM Board is tasked with the oversight and development of the school by hiring and reviewing the Director’s position, and overseeing the solvency of the school and its state objectives, as outlined in the MIM Constitution. Communication on the day-to-day school activities (successes and challenges) are passed from the teachers to the Director who, in turn, communicates directly to the MIM Board or delegates to one of the many Committee Groups.


The Director is responsible for supervision of the teaching staff and general administrative oversight, such that the school maintains a warm, nurturing, safe environment, in which individuality is respected and independence is encouraged.

2016-2017 Board Members

1. Chairperson: Surriah Igram
2. Vice Chair: 
3. Treasurer: Maya Abdul Hafiz
4. Secretary:  Hanna Elsayed
5. Director: Kristin Hale
6. ICCR Representative and Board Member: Salma Igram
7. Member: Uthala Abdullah
8. Member: Ayesha Nichols
9. Member: Manaal Ahmed


Please click here to read a message from the MIM Board of Directors.

To contact all members, please email: BOD.Secretary@myimanmontessori.com