A successful educational system is one that partners with the parents of each student and encourages active participation by parents in the learning of their child. Although, as children grow intellectually a parent's role changes, the notion that a parent is a child's learning model remains constant.

Children tend to emulate the behavior, attiitude, and inclination of the parents. In the majority of families, parents are their children's very first teachers in the early years. Through guidance and reminders, parents become a vital part of a school-age child's learning process. 

Note your child's interests and the way they learn. Dr. Dalton Miller-Jones (Ph.D.) says the following: "One of the most important things a parent can do is notice her child. Is he a talker or is he shy? Find out what interests him and help him explore it. Let your child show you the way he likes to learn." Many children naturally use a combination of methods to learn: some may be more inclined to learn visually by seeing pictures, others may learn by latching onto what they hear or by more hands-on activities, like building things, for example. It's important to pay attention to the indicators your child gives you about the way he or she learns. 

Spend time practicing what your child learns at school. As parents and teachers are partners in education, an integral part of your child's learning process is to practice at home what he or she has learned in school. As opposed to drilling your student at home, parents find it easier to incorporate basic things throughout the home life, like letter recognition, basic counting skills, and multiplication tables, depending on the level of your child. Find ways to incorporate their academics into daily routines by doing things like asking about the weather and seasons, for example. It's very helpful to connect what your child is learning to everyday life in a low-pressure environment.

Engage with your kids! Learning opportunities are everywhere; they're not restricted to just the classroom. Eastern Iowa has a wonderful array of educational, child-friendly activities available to parents. One great resource we often refer parents to is Corridor Parents. On their website, you're able to browse by category to look at events, activities, and fun family ideas to participate in with your children.