Welcome to First and Second Grade!


1st and 2nd GRADE OVERVIEW

Our Lower Elementary classroom is comprised of a three-year community: students ages six, seven, and eight. The mixed-age setting allows for a comprehensive, challenging education for the two school years each child is present in the classroom. This specific setting develops leadership and mentoring skills within the students, and encourages a nurturing relationship between students of different ages.

Although Montessori aspects are still present and the classroom is child-centered, much of instruction is given by way of a traditional pedagogy. Low Teacher/Student ratios present students with the unique opportunity to be taught in either small groups or one-on-one. This promotes the idea of setting goals, managing time, and organizing work for students of all ages. 

Students increasingly spend time working in groups in order to foster social and cooperative skills. In this setting, students are introduced to the concept of making ethical choices for themselves, and applying acquired skills in meaningful ways. 

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